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About Us

Mandir Darshan

Established in 2020

We all probably know that the history of the Indian subcontinent began to be written after the Aryans came to Bengal and brought with them the Vedas, which are now the Sanatan that means our (Hindu) main and sacred religious texts. Since then, the Indian subcontinent has been inhabited by followers of traditional religions, but with the conquest of Bengal by Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji in the 12th century, the traditional followers of the lower castes in the Indian subcontinent were converted their religion for various reasons facing Numerous adversaries including human and religious rights violations, the Bangladeshi Hindus, together with other religious and ethnic minority communities, are undergoing rapid decline and the result is the identity of the minority today. As a result, temples of many years, old religious monasteries, and properties are being occupied and we are destitute. That’s why we have taken an initiative to bring all the temples and religious monasteries of Bangladesh in one place through a“Mandir Darshan” website. The “Mandir Darshan” website will have all the information about the Hindu temples and monastery in every district of every division of Bangladesh so that anyone in the world can find out all the known and unknown evidence about any temples in Bangladesh just by searching our “Mandir Darshan” website at home.

We look forward to your stay.

Mandir Darshan Team


Our mission is informing people about the Hindu temples  and monastery in every district of every division in Bangladesh.


Our vision is enlisting history of all Bangladeshi temples and monastery in this website.


1) To Informed the people about Bangladeshi hindu temples and monastery.
2) To take initiative for reconstruction of the historic temples which are on the verge of destruction.
3) To influence Hindu people to visit temples in Bangladesh.

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Dr. Mishuk Shaha

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Sagar Saha

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Rahul Das

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Ayan Chakraborty

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